Current Offers

Current Offers

0$ Diagnostic/Call Out Fee for All Service Calls

Hate paying Fees? Then Don't.

Pyramid Plumbing and Heating strives to be Personal, Professional and always Provides Plenty of Options. Typically in Winnipeg when you call any other Heating Company, they hit you with a diagnostic fee or a call out cost and even a truck charge!

At Pyramid we feel for homeowners who have to fix their furnaces as we are homeowners as well! So if you have your furnace serviced with us, or end up deciding to replace; We will NOT be charging any such fees. Also with our Genuine Level Repair Pricing, rest assured your repair will be completed with value and trust.

Pyramid is creating a Holiday Miracle!

Win your Install! Watch the video below for details!


Free UV Sterilization Light with Every Furnace Install

Valued at $328 Installed!

When the cold comes, and you shut your windows…..It’s pretty much you and the same air for the rest of the winter. We believe that every furnace should have a UV sterilization system that destroys mold, odors, and contaminants.  So right now, we’re installing them for free with every new furnace installation. Call or fill out the quick form below for more details or to book your installation.

FREE UV from Ryan Ghidoni on Vimeo.