Commercial & Residential Plumbing Service in Winnipeg

Whether you need a new pump and/or pit install, a replacement or a repair, Pyramid is here for you. We service commercial and residential plumbing, ensuring that your home or business is flowing as well as it should. Our 24/7 availability make us your first and only call when it comes to your home plumbing system.

Sump Pump and Pit Installation/Service Experts
As homeowners and decision makers ourselves, one thing we do our best to provide for you is some clarity when it comes to sump pits. There’s a lot of information out there and we want to ensure that we provide the information that most pertains to you.

Water and Waste Basement Flooding Subsidy Program

Plumbing Fixture Repair and Replacement Experts
Wether it’s a faucet, shower head, or laundry tub we can certainly attend to anything that’s leaking and shouldn’t be! Our journeymen technicians are equipped with the utmost experience to diagnose as well as the proper tools and in a lot of instances the right parts to do the plumbing repair instantly. Repair not feasible? Our comfort advisors are typically available within minutes to come and go over your options, and even some technicians are capable of doing so as well.

New Basement Rough Ins
A lot of Homeowners are looking to upgrade their lower level living space. Most of these homes don’t have the plumbing in the exact spots. Look no further with all of our own journeymen with new build experience we can certainly ensure you are ready to have your dream bathroom in any place you desire. Eliminate the middle person and have peace of mind that Pyramid Plumbing and Heating provide all the labour, product and experienced installers to complete your whole project.

Plus, Pyramid’s dedicated HVAC staff is available in emergency situations. That’s right – our 24/7 emergency service extends to our plumbing division.

Why Choose Us


    We live and breath Winnipeg, just like our homeowners. We fully understand the strains of our weather and ensure our Journeymen technicians are available 24/7.


    Our Pyramid family and team has been in operation for 38 years and counting. We treat you like family and want to earn your repeat business by providing you excellent service at a great price.


    We provide a ten year labour warranty on all the work we do to match the manufacturer’s warranty on the equipment we install. This is an industry best when put in to comparison.

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