Pilot Light Safety: What You Need to Know

At Pyramid Plumbing and Heating we want all of our friends and neighbors to be safe and secure. One of the most dangerous tasks that some Winnipeg residents face is lighting their pilot lights on their furnaces. Here are some important tips on how to do this safely.

While we can offer some general safety tips on how to light your pilot light, the very best information will come from your owner’s manual. Your furnace manual will have step-by-step instructions for the particular model of furnace that you have. This should always be your first source of information.

If you do not have a manual, the following are the steps that you should take when lighting your pilot light.

Make sure the gas is on.

Locate the ignition switch and a small red button. Press the red button and keep it held down and press the ignition button. This sends a spark to the gas port. The ignition button should make a clicking sound as you depress it.

Make sure that you keep the red button depressed for at least 60 seconds after the pilot light is lit. This will allow the thermocoupler to warm up. After a minute, release the red button.

If the pilot goes out again, you can retry after about five minutes of waiting. This allows gas fumes to escape. If the pilot will not light or will not stay on, contact us for assistance.