Save Up to 20% on Energy Costs by Upgrading Your Furnace

Local HVAC and plumbing company helps customers cut costs on heating bills

As homeowners hibernate for the winter, their heating systems work in overdrive. This is when the word “efficiency” matters a great deal. Imagine two homes that maintain the same temperature. One homeowner has a 15-year old furnace that is expensive to run and requires frequent heating repair in Winnipeg, MB. Meanwhile, the other homeowner has a newer furnace that provides better comfort control with lower operating costs. Both homes maintain the same temperature—but one homeowner is paying much more than the other.

With a furnace upgrade from Pyramid Heating, homeowners can save up to 20 percent on their heating bills. It’s important to note that HVAC technology has improved twofold over the past 15 years. Demands for eco-friendly enhancements have led to the development of furnaces that are over 98 percent efficient. Compare this to older systems that fell in the 70 percent range, and it’s easy to see why so many homeowners are upgrading.

Many of today’s systems have multi-stage capability. Unlike older furnaces that worked at either 100 percent capacity or not at all, these new systems are smarter. They can work in smaller, more controlled increments to provide consistent temperature at a lower cost. Other advantages include quieter operation, longer lifespan, reduced carbon footprint, various comfort features and more.

To help homeowners enjoy maximum energy savings, Pyramid Plumbing and Heating guarantees quality installation work the first time around. The company also offers free estimates and a number of financing options to assist customers with their purchases.

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